I May Not Know You, But You’re Listening: Issue 1.1 Editor’s Letter

Dear you, and me, and everyone:

To have my eyes as my audience means my heart is tattooed across this page. That these black letters on white screen are more innocent, more elusive than full. What I mean is, they are more mine than they are yours. They only belong to me. What I mean is, without you, my words are incomplete. So to have you, yes you, as my audience . . . well, this necessitates appreciation. Sometimes a voice seems only a voice as long as somebody hears it. What’s beautiful is that I may not know you, but you’re listening. Listening, pondering, receptive, whatever this intertwining of consciousness is, we’re experiencing this something together. In this moment.

But what, I’ve mused, you’ve mused – what is now besides NOW? What is here besides HERE? What does it mean to be fully present when presence flees? How can this be present if now it is past?

If you’ve seen me you would know: Language matches my skinny bones. Sometimes too small to hold everything. For language, words, well – they take you somewhere. Music fills in the breaks with its presence of absence, but time passes and then you’re somewhere again. But always the same someone.

My name. I’ve found it’s the only word that contains everything and anything; the only word that does not flee throughout my lifetime. My expanse tied in a bow. Our names are a mystery, an emptiness, a fullness. Our names are three dimensional.

I am not one. I am not one always. I am too many tensions, I have too many pieces. I am a three dimensional completeness of, well, everything. And so are you.

Someone once told me that my name contains my essence. Someone once told me my name holds who/what I was, who/what I am, and who/what I will be. I once told myself that in each moment I am everything that I am. Now. That’s the all and the everything that I know each of us are, always.

And this seemed the only way to introduce myself.

Love, and yours, and always,



  1. Layah, your writing is AMAZING!

  2. MALKAYA, hi, you are wonderful. Thanks so much & so much love!

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