This Is Not An Epiphany: Issue 1.1 Editor’s Letter


Dear You,

A long time coming/moment of impulse: both can be true at the same time.

It’s March 15th and this company isn’t real to me yet – or else it’s too real – but I’m putting this here to make it real. There are so many things I could put here, in this space. So many true things.

Like first of all: I want this to work. My name is Po and last year I wrote a poem where I said they say our brains are like sponges, but I know our hearts are like landfills and since then that’s only gotten truer and truer. So I’m calling this LANDFILLS, I’m calling this a magazine, a website, a collective; I’m calling this a bunch of fearless/terrified, sane/psychotic, desperate/content, kind/dangerous and ultimately all brilliant humans and what their hearts/minds conceive of. As our mission statement says: Everything. Anything.

I conceived of our first issue’s theme selfishly. PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE is a neon sign constantly blaring in the darkness of my brain, like I’m in the backseat of a car half-asleep on a roadtrip but the fluorescent writing is too bright to miss. I think about time constantly; how we use it to measure ourselves, others. How we only see things in linear form and I’m trying to embrace the idea that our lives can’t be defined by what happened when.

I could also say, right here in this space, that the people who have chosen to publish on this site – I believe in them. I believe in you, if you’re reading this now. This website could flounder, completely, and end up another project I’ve failed at. There’s a long list of those. Or it couldn’t – it could be the most authentic thing out there. It could explode.

As the editor I’m not even supposed to write about doubting anything about this. But we all know how I feel about honesty. So therefore I could also say: I’m scared. Of a lot of things. And so are you – don’t lie. That’s why this is real.

Right about here is where I’m supposed to tell you a secret about me, about my past or present or future – but not yet. Follow us on this journey, and you’ll learn all of our secrets. But be warned: on this journey we’ve lost our only compass, and it never even pointed north to begin with.

And now I’m supposed to say: Welcome to the issue.

You can consider this either a prologue or a suicide note. This is not an epiphany.




  1. Anna Farkas says:

    Go for it, Po!

    Anna Farkas

  2. I don’t have words to describe what this feels like on my heart. This is amazing, what you are making is so true. Keep up the awesome work! :)

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LANDFILLS is a grassroots literary, arts and culture online collective based in Chicago. All work is original, except the featured images that accompany text posts (which are blatantly stolen from Complaints should be directed to Po via Twitter.
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