Encountering the Rich and Famous: A Survival Guide

oh the famous rich and gluttonous or charitable smiling through genuine matrimony
when we see them recognize them flowing on the streets smiling insideloving it
excitement we feel for their gluttony and whip out our phones snapping away
gushing perhaps at them precious beasts in a gilded zoo they’re so special!
we treat disbelieving eyes as fumbling fingers dialfriends to exclaim
‘you’ll never believe…’ a verbal flood until the conversation dries and then after
away we run back to our own lives come home to our husbands our wives
boyfriends girlfriends children parents and ask what’s for dinner check our email
dive into The Office Facebook live out mundane lives empty of such pandering
as they’re meant to be lived sorry dearie but there’s no Beatlemania here at home
why because here we’re people here we care to live out our abridged span of time
in the quiet comfort of familiar faces and locales all ingrained into our bones
while disregarding pale imagined flights of fancy we can’t all be computer scientists
but geniusesyes though we aren’t all tree climbers and therein lies the divide
the received message of the madness of becomingwhat one was never meant to be
still the call of the famous insists upon itself refuses to relent decks itself out
in purple and gray as if to say here I am! look at me! remember me! never forget!
cherish the seeds I have sown            until the need emerges for all of the unknown
with relentless invectives haranguing the vine scuttling up their neighbors’
well-watered walkways the persistent priceless pierce of comparison the heartiness
of failure here it lies to all those far from the crystallized windows of mansion-fare
a reminder a curtain within an empowering prayer
to not live in regret or in the past don’t live in the past
to not live in the future don’t live anyone else’s reality yours is yours to be had
to be lived in and shared to not be frightened or scared your time is yours 



  1. ST AL XIV says:

    i must say, this is quite great

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