by Allison Buckner, Contributor

I’m coming down.

Lights, sweat, bass, mutual understanding
the passion is running through us all
pulsating to the beat
climaxing at the drop

Is it worth it?

Losing days, clothes
money and tact
Dancing without inhibition
convincing myself it’s all a dream

This isn’t real.

Detour – rabbit’s hole.
Have you found your solace?
Have you found your peace?
No, love. But it’ll make your body sway.

“You are so fucked up.”

Body craving, crumbling, exhausted
Shaken, shaking, dancing to the beat of muted music
Pull yourself together, girl
brace yourself for the comedown-

Rave on, Alli.
Wake up when you’re ready.


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LANDFILLS is a grassroots literary, arts and culture online collective based in Chicago. All work is original, except the featured images that accompany text posts (which are blatantly stolen from tumblr.com). Complaints should be directed to Po via Twitter.
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