Nowhere Man

by Elie, Managing Editor

John and his insecurity
his kindness
including us all
‘isn’t he a bit like you and me?’
lurching around in the dusk
grown restless
all he needs all he seeks all he wants
is all that he writes for
is all that he sings desperately about
with crying eyes
beneath a bloated neck
and a ragged sprawl of hair
the girl the woman the ocean child with the fire off the reef
seashell eyes                     windy smile
holds me
how can I live without knowing that somewhere in the world John Lennon is alive?
knowledge that flooded brighter days
with magic
a relationship triggered by the simple word ‘yes’
something positive an upsurge for once in a belonely time
now he’s buried ‘neath concrete in Central Park
and I get the feeling elsewhere
a smile a dance a quietly strummed guitar a girl
a circle drawn



  1. couldn’t have said it better myself

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