White-Blonde Pill-Popping Skater Boy

by Po, Editor-in-Chief

What if Jesus bleached his hair, you know?
What then.

Maybe gospel music would sound like punk rock
And X percent of the world would be covered head to toe with tattoos
because of their faith.
Maybe communion would be taking a hit, or doing a line,
And at Christmas people wouldn’t put up trees, but instead
Sid Vicious posters. Imagine stockings stuffed with cheap vodka, mix CD’s,
some E for the rave next week.
Maybe gay marriage and abortion rights would be explicitly Constitutional.


But maybe if Jesus had bleached his hair
he wouldn’t have become “Jesus,”
a whole religion wouldn’t have been created around him,
he would just have been a

white-blonde pill-popping skater boy

who drank until his liver gave up/partied into heaven.
Maybe he wouldn’t have even believed in heaven-
Or maybe 
he would have thought


was an empty half-pipe
or a cold beer
or a sweaty concert
or the warm smooth skin covering a girl’s hipbones,
or a boy’s.

What if Jesus pierced his eyebrow?
What then, you know?


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LANDFILLS is a grassroots literary, arts and culture online collective based in Chicago. All work is original, except the featured images that accompany text posts (which are blatantly stolen from tumblr.com). Complaints should be directed to Po via Twitter.
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