Conservation of Mass Law

by Jenny, Executive Editor

The mass of substances in a closed system will remain constant, no matter what processes are acting inside the system. Matter cannot be Created or Destroyed.

The atmosphere shimmers with heat. One crow lands on a fence spike, One for sorrow. The blue plastic shade in the diner cloaks the town in an oncoming storm. I laugh as water is poured, think of the purity of ice, hold back tears, laugh until my head comes off.

There are purple bruises under my eyes, arctic white light pouring over my bed. The rainstorm and your black coat, my fingers cover your face. Kiss me darkly, wear me thin. Use me, use me, use me. I am exhausted & everything around me is a goddamn disappointment. Still I take your hands calmly across the table while everyone else in the diner falls away. I count back from September as our prayers rise and rise.

Clearly I am scratching for new vocabulary, new ways of explaining these phenomena. I see ice-cold light suspended above a colder underground, white and brilliant. What’s frozen beneath the surface is the heart beneath the floorboards, and I care nothing for its spark. In head-to-toe black, mixed materials like Leviticus, I’m making my own witchcraft. I like the silence of old buildings and the sound of my footsteps. I’m waist-deep in scars.

Through it all I swear no allegiance to tradition or implication. In this way, I find myself acceptable, I reject their truth, I cut binding ties I have to other people. I am singular. King me; I am ready to be Golden.


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