E.E. Cummings Twists On His Way To Nowhere

by Po, Editor-in-Chief

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4/25 - E.E. Cummings Twists On His Way To Nowhere, by Po, EIC

So here I am writing about a dead straight white guy. So here I am writing about the kind of person I tell my staff not to. So here I am writing about everything I’m supposed to hate.

e.e. cummings: dead, straight, white

But I can’t fucking hate E.E. Cummings the same way I can’t fucking hate Kurt Cobain. Because although they have all the priviledge, they’re not the patriarchy. Although they have all the attributes of the best, they still feel like the worst, at times.

Plus, you know, they changed my life.

-“1. l)a”, 95 Poems (1958)

Obviously what everyone focuses on in Cummings’ poetry is his stylistic tendencies. The parentheses, the breaking up of sentences. But then again life is mostly parentheses – what you mean hidden within what you’re saying. Life is mostly breaking.

Form and content at odds with each other; tension makes great art.

-“7. because you take life in your stride(instead”, 95 Poems (1958)

No best is quite so good you don’t conceive a better

No evil is so worse than worst you fall in hate with love

So Cummings knows about how I want to be everything. I didn’t know old straight white guys felt it too. I guess everyone feels it. Thanks for writing that poem for me?

-“14. but also dying”, 95 Poems (1958)

There’s nothing I can really write about Cummings that you won’t understand better by reading his words. So I’m finding all these files of his work, I’m sticking them in this post so you can maybe, just maybe, experience something I have.

Isn’t that the point of poetry, anyway?

I can’t find a file for the next poem he wrote about me but I’m sure it was about me:

A snowflake twists, on its way to no-where

-“4. this man’s heart”, 95 Poems (1958)

I mean. A snowflake twists on its way to nowhere. Right? So do I. So do you. So did he. We’ve got no idea where this air leads but we’re fucking snowflakes. Twist, baby. Twist.

-“92. i carry your heart with me(i carry it in”, 95 Poems (1958)

And of course I’d never leave out the most famous of his poems: i carry your heart with me (i carry it in / my heart). i am never without it. Everyone loves this poem because everyone gets it. So I’ll say he wrote it for me but like every poem, ever, you can say it was written for you too.

I mean, it was.

Twist, baby. Twist.


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