A Compilation of April

A poem; my soul; a piece of my all, What I give to you upon these pages Is about the only thing that feels right; This life has made me nocturnal, you see Writing, well, it always feels like almost- Can you feel my heartbeat without your hands? I call myself a word artist; these […]

What Is Not

by Perel Lubel, Contributor __________________________________________________________________________________________ This is what is not. I find myself pinned against a wall. It would be a lie to say that I could never find the words to speak. Emotions and cognitions and theoretical conditions spread themselves out becoming the river crying and howling, rolling upon the ground. Expressions of the […]

HEY, WE READ! LANDFILLS Staff Booklist, May 2012: DYSTOPIA

HEY, WE READ! is the most honest title I could think of for our staff booklist. Since this month’s theme is “The Future,” our booklist’s theme is DYSTOPIA. Some of these you read in grade school, others you’ve been putting aside for when “you have time.” Get lost in a creepy futuristic society – all 15 […]

Jack Spicer’s Vocabulary Did This To Me

NATIONAL POETRY MONTH 4/2 – Richard Siken Tells Me We’ll Never Get Used To It, by Po, EIC 4/3 – William Carlos Williams: This Is Just To Say, by Layah, CD 4/4 – We Are All Writers On the Same Dreadful Typewriter as Allen Ginsberg, by Jenny, EE 4/5 – Pablo Neruda and the Quest […]


by Jenny, Executive Editor __________________________________________________________________________________________ When you ask the dark face of a cliff whether or not to jump, Or ask the dark face of a man if he truly loves you, The gaze back is vacant, a vaulted scream, The ringing question of one’s real skin, real fingernails, real hot blood.

The Gambler

by Jimmy McDermott, Contributor __________________________________________________________________________________________ I knew the odds Before I sat down at the table. For years I watched on the sidelines – afraid to take the risk, As those around me anted up. Some took the pot, others burned out… One took his addiction elsewhere: Falling back on old habits, hoping one day […]

Prognosis for the End of Winter

by Hilary McCreery, Contributor __________________________________________________________________________________________ I don’t know what to tell you about lately except that the graffiti on the murals at the Frolic Room make the painted caricatures seem sad and I was accidentally drunk, walking back to our apartment down Hollywood Boulevard when it occurred to me that this street and all of […]

Encountering the Rich and Famous: A Survival Guide

oh the famous rich and gluttonous or charitable smiling through genuine matrimony when we see them recognize them flowing on the streets smiling insideloving it excitement we feel for their gluttony and whip out our phones snapping away gushing perhaps at them precious beasts in a gilded zoo they’re so special! we treat disbelieving eyes as […]

I May Not Know You, But You’re Listening: Issue 1.1 Editor’s Letter

Dear you, and me, and everyone: To have my eyes as my audience means my heart is tattooed across this page. That these black letters on white screen are more innocent, more elusive than full. What I mean is, they are more mine than they are yours. They only belong to me. What I mean […]

This Is Not An Epiphany: Issue 1.1 Editor’s Letter

  Dear You, A long time coming/moment of impulse: both can be true at the same time. It’s March 15th and this company isn’t real to me yet – or else it’s too real – but I’m putting this here to make it real. There are so many things I could put here, in this […]


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