A Compilation of April

A poem; my soul; a piece of my all, What I give to you upon these pages Is about the only thing that feels right; This life has made me nocturnal, you see Writing, well, it always feels like almost- Can you feel my heartbeat without your hands? I call myself a word artist; these […]

What Is Not

by Perel Lubel, Contributor __________________________________________________________________________________________ This is what is not. I find myself pinned against a wall. It would be a lie to say that I could never find the words to speak. Emotions and cognitions and theoretical conditions spread themselves out becoming the river crying and howling, rolling upon the ground. Expressions of the […]

The Gambler

by Jimmy McDermott, Contributor __________________________________________________________________________________________ I knew the odds Before I sat down at the table. For years I watched on the sidelines – afraid to take the risk, As those around me anted up. Some took the pot, others burned out… One took his addiction elsewhere: Falling back on old habits, hoping one day […]


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