Po Zimmerman, Editor-in-Chief

TWITTER@landfillls / EMAIL: rtzimmerman@gmail.com

Po Zimmerman is a 20-year-old writer and stylist currently living in Chicago. She used to study international finance and work in high fashion in Manhattan until she lost her mind. Her virtues are sarcasm, ideas, and an infinite amount of memorized poetry; her vices are wearing sunglasses at inappropriate times, tweeting too much, and abusing illegal and prescription drugs. She is widely considered to be the postmodern Cruella de Vil.

POET: Jack Spicer / ARTIST: Andy Warhol

Tell me we’ll never get used to it.” -Richard Siken

ARCHIVES: www.landfillsmag.com/author/pozimmerman

Jenny White, Executive Editor

TWITTER: @jennyannewhite / EMAIL: jwhite6@live.olivet.edu

Jennifer White is a 21-year-old journalism student from the Chicagoland area, currently residing in Washington, DC. She is a sporadic fine artist, failed musician, armchair philosopher and wanna-be poet. Her writing styles are primarily flash-fiction and prose, and frequently deal with themes of anonymity and agnosticism. She draws inspiration from Taoism, which may make her seem anti-capitalist, but she loves Brett Easton Ellis- and his Armani suits.

LANDSCAPE: Desert / BAND: The Smashing Pumpkins

“You will never get reservations at Dorsia” -Patrick Bateman

ARCHIVES: www.landfillsmag.com/author/jennywhite

Layah Schreiber, Editorial Director

TWITTER@layahs1 / EMAIL: layahs1@gmail.com

Layah Schreiber is a word artist currently living in Manhattan.  She used to live in silent expression until she found there were words to be honest with. She believes in Crayola crayons, disposable cameras, the connections you can have with strangers, and contradictions. She refuses generalizations and lateral definitions. She was Tinkerbell for a time, years ago; sometimes, she still is. Her heart beats ink.

WORD: Infinite / SOUND: Ukulele

“It is agony to be smothered in your own fluorescence.” –Willa Cather

ARCHIVES: www.landfillsmag.com/author/layahschreiber

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LANDFILLS is a grassroots literary, arts and culture online collective based in Chicago. All work is original, except the featured images that accompany text posts (which are blatantly stolen from tumblr.com). Complaints should be directed to Po via Twitter.
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