SPRING 2012 – ISSUE 1.1


3.15.12 This Is Not An Epiphany: Issue 1.1 Letter from the Editor by Po, Editor-in-Chief
3.15.12 I May Not Know You, But You’re Listening: Issue 1.1 Letter from the Editor by Layah, Creative Director

3.16.12 NOSTALGIA: LANDFILLS Staff Playlist, March 2012 by Staff (at the time)
3.16.12 Fracture of a Moment by Ender Waters
3.16.12 Encountering the Rich and Famous: A Survival Guide by Elie, Managing Editor

3.19.12 Prognosis for the End of Winter by Hilary McCreery
3.19.12 Eulogy for Lady Macbeth by Oscar Hallas

3.20.12 Man: A Haiku Trilogy by Donna Vatnick
3.20.12 And I Am One of Your People, But the Cars Don’t Stop by Sima Lichtschein

3.21.12 Yang by Jenny, Executive Editor
3.21.12 Much Madness is divinest Sense by Tirzah Ben-Abu
3.21.12 Consummation by Natalie Baldino

3.22.12 Trapped, Up Close by Rebecca Kramer
3.22.12 LSD by Riley Lalumendre
3.22.12 jack spicer, you’re my ghost by Po, Editor-in-Chief

3.23.12 God Bless You by Landon Stark

3.26.12 Po Watches A Movie: I Don’t Care About This, But A Lot of You Sure Seem To by Po, Editor-in Chief, with Ry Rynne
3.26.12 Fastening of the Departed by Kevi Gerstein

3.27.12 Self-Portrait, Chuck Close Style by Aviva Bloom
3.27.12 All We Actually Inhabit Is The Present Moment: An interview with visual artist Jason Brammer by Po, Editor-in-Chief
3.27.12 Gravity by Solomon, Assistant Editor

3.28.12 Three Poems by Ferrin McGinness
3.28.12 He Will Laugh?: An ex-student muses on Douglas Ray’s book of poetry by Sara Brande
3.28.12 When You Turn Twenty by Emily Duggan
3.28.12 Notes from the Psych Ward by Po, Editor-in-Chief

3.29.12 Still Here by May Haley

3.30.12 Final Exam by Donna Vatnicks


4.2.12 NOW: LANDFILLS Staff Playlist, April 2012 by Staff
4.2.12 HEY, WE READ! LANDFILLS Staff Booklist, April 2012 by Staff
4.2.12 March: Parched by Po, Editor-in-Chief
4.2.12 BACK TO THE FUTURE by Mirelle Weingarten and Po, Editor-in-Chief
4.2.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Richard Siken Tells Me We’ll Never Get Used To It by Po, Editor-in-Chief

4.3.12 Raving by Allison Buckner
4.3.12 Went Looking for Spring by Esther Gutkovsky
4.3.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE William Carlos Williams: This Is Just To Say by Layah, Creative Director

4.4.12 My Mother’s Response by Evie Saphire-Bernstein
4.4.12 Maybe It’s The Weather or Something Like That by Sima Lichtschein
4.4.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE We Are All Writers on the Same Dreadful Typewriter as Allen Ginsberg by Jenny, Executive Editor

4.5.12 New York Is No Virgin by Layah, Creative Director
4.5.12 Belated by Sara Brande
4.5.12 No Stirrings by Solomon, Assistant Editor
4.5.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Pablo Neruda and the Quest for Surrender by Elie, Managing Editor

4.10.12 White-Blonde Pill-Popping Skater Boy by Po, Editor-in-Chief
4.10.12 Nowhere Man by Elie, Managing Editor
4.10.12 Twin Sins by Ferrin McGinness
4.10.12 Photographic Memory by Ender Waters
4.10.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Let’s Shake the Dust, Anis Mojgani by Layah, Creative Director

4.11.12 Blush by Eliana Siegal
4.11.12 Seatbelt Incidents: An interview with the band The Hollywood Kills by Po, Editor-in-Chief
4.11.12 Smudges by May Haley
4.11.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Terrence Hayes, Kanye West, and How to Get Through Winter by Elie, Managing Editor

4.12.12 A Conversation With Mary by Christopher Defossez
4.12.12 Echo Lake by Emily Duggan
4.12.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Sylvia Plath Died Before I Had Time by Po, Editor-in-Chief

4.13.12 Conservation of Mass Law by Jenny, Executive Editor

4.16.12 The Preacher Man by Amber Patrick
4.16.12 Black Hole Sun by Solomon, Assistant Editor
4.16.12 Sunsets and Car Crashes by Lorena Quintana
4.16.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Billy Corgan Blinks With Fists by Jenny, Executive Editor

4.17.12 IT’S BRITNEY, BITCH: How I Shaved My Head in the Psych Ward and Still Stayed SWAG by Po, Editor-in-Chief
4.17.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Andrea Gibson Just Takes Me by Po, Editor-in-Chief

4.18.12 Jeshimon by Jenny, Executive Editor
4.18.12 Cause for Motion by Solomon, Assistant Editor
4.18.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Famous Like Naomi Shihab Nye by Po, Editor-in-Chief

4.19.12 the sea; my soul by Mirelle Weingarten
4.19.12 A ste stesso by Natalie Baldino
4.19.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Tell Me What Is, Tadeusz Rozewicz by Layah, Creative Director

4.20.12 DONATE!!! by Po, Editor-in-Chief

4.23.12 Dispatch From Infinity by Hilary McCreery
4.23.12 Psychedelic Rock by Kevi Gerstein and Po, Editor-in-Chief
4.23.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Crossing the Bridge with Yehuda Amichai by Elie, Managing Editor

4.24.12 the both and the all of everything by Layah, Creative Director
4.24.12 Tangier III by Dianna Dragonetti
4.24.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE The Whole World Rhymes With Shel Silverstein by Layah, Creative Director

4.25.12 Biting by Elie, Managing Editor
4.25.12 I’ve Been Away For So Long, I’ve Lost My Taste For Home by Po, Editor-in-Chief
4.25.12 Consciously Unconscious by Perel Lubel
4.25.12 3/9/11: In Memory of A Fallen Soldier by Layah, Creative Director
4.25.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE E.E. Cummings Twists On His Way To Nowhere by Po, Editor-in-Chief

4.27.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Sharon Olds and the Human Stain by Elie, Managing Editor

4.30.12 The Gambler by Jimmy McDermott
4.30.12 Gemstones by Jenny, Executive Editor
4.30.12 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH FEATURE Jack Spicer’s Vocabulary Did This To Me by Po, Editor-in-Chief


5.1.12 MAY MUSIC MADNESS! NEXT: LANDFILLS Playlist by Po, May 2012 by Po, Editor-in-Chief
5.1.12 HEY, WE READ! LANDFILLS Staff Booklist, May 2012: DYSTOPIA by Staff
5.1.12 MAY MUSIC MADNESS! INSPIRATION: BOB DYLAN: On Dylan, and my conversion by Elie, Managing Editor

5.2.12 What Is Not by Perel Lubel

5.3.12 Dream Awaiting by Ender Waters
5.3.12 A Compilation of April by Layah, Creative Director

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